IRS Large Business and International to hire hundreds in March 2019

In service of the IRS’ strategic goal to cultivate a well-equipped, diverse, flexible and engaged workforce, LB&I is seeking qualified candidates for a hiring wave in March 2019. Nearly 300 positions will be open from March 11 through March 22. These openings include positions for the following job titles: revenue agent, computer audit specialist, tax law specialist, competent authority analyst, appraiser, management and program analyst, information technology specialists, and senior budget analyst. LB&I is asking that your organization help spread the word on these professional opportunities so that it can select from the broadest, most diverse group of qualified candidates possible. The IRS is committed to having a workforce that reflects the diversity of the public we serve, and we appreciate your help in spreading the word.

All announcements were posted to USAJOBS on March 11. It may be helpful for applicants to familiarize themselves with the process and set up their account as soon as possible. To sort for the LB&I jobs, go to the IRS welcome page on USAJOBS and enter “Large Business and International” as keywords. Information on how to apply for jobs on USAJOBS is available on the site’s Help Center, and potential candidates can learn more about IRS job descriptions and career paths on the IRS Careers website.