About Us


Goal 1: To enhance the visibility and recognition of the Enrolled Agent as the Preferred tax professional.

  • To encourage Members to promote their Enrolled Agent status.
  • To promote the career opportunities of Enrolled Agents.
  • To create seminar outlines for presentation to interested groups.
  • To ensure the right of Enrolled Agents to practice in Minnesota and other states including the right to use the EA designation, prepare all types of federal, state and local tax returns, give advice and provide representation.
  • To support the efforts of NAEA and other professional organizations as they advocate for the rights of EAs to practice.
  • To encourage better relations and achieve professional recognition by developing a rapport with state and federal agencies.

Goal 2: To provide educational opportunities and resources to assist our Members in their professional growth. 

  • To identify and meet the educational needs of the membership.
  • To develop educational programs and networking opportunities that are accessible to all Members.
  • To provide opportunities for Members to realize their abilities as speakers and educators.
  • To develop educational relationships with vendors and other professional organizations.
  • To assist in helping non EA’s become EA’s and full members of MNSEA.

Goal 3: To encourage all Enrolled Agents in Minnesota to join the MNSEA and be actively involved.

  • To identify and monitor changing trends in our profession.
  • To expand membership services.
  • To have membership representation at National Association of Enrolled Agents functions.
  • To improve communication between Members for professional enhancement.
  • To encourage and increase involvement of Members.
  • To continue to foster the relationship between NAEA and MNSEA

Goal 4: To manage the society in an effective and efficient manner.

  • To commit to an ongoing strategic planning process that aligns the goals and objectives with the Society’s fiscal resources.
  • To communicate tax related information to Members on a timely basis. Along with any other communications deemed necessary for open communication between the Board and the members of MNSEA.
  • To assess and review the effectiveness of current communication techniques. To continue to improve, expand, and promote MNSEA technology competency.