National Tax Security Awareness Week

With the holidays upon us and the upcoming tax season fast approaching, the Internal Revenue Service, state tax agencies and the nation’s tax industry are sponsoring a nationwide campaign urging people to better protect their sensitive tax and financial data.

December 3-7 is National Tax Security Awareness Week. The campaign focuses on key issues that pose a threat to individuals, businesses and tax professionals and provide tips to better protect sensitive data from cybercriminals.

The campaign highlights:

  • Simple steps taxpayers can take such as using strong security software and strong passwords.
  • Common tactics used by identity thieves to target taxpayers, businesses and tax professionals.
  • Specific threats to businesses and tax professionals.

Individuals, businesses and tax professionals can get all the information they need during National Tax Security Awareness Week by visiting a special section on by typing in the search box: “Taxes. Security. Together.” or through the link: “Taxes. Security. Together.” Information is also available by reviewing Publication 4524, Security Awareness for Taxpayers, to see what can be done and by following @IRSTaxSecurity on Twitter.