What makes your EA journey and MNSEA so unique for you?

My name is Janelle Julien and I am the new managing editor for NAEA’s EA Journal. I have been reviewing NAEA’s State Affiliates and would love to feature your society in some way.

There used to be a column in the magazine called, “My EA Journey.” Would you or members of the society be interested in writing about your experience? What has been challenging about being an EA? How did you come to be an EA (is this a second career, always knew you wanted to do this work, etc.)? What makes the MN society unique? How has membership in the MN society helped you in your career?

If you’re interested in writing, I’m working on the Jan/Feb 2019 issue (and planning for 2019). If you or a member of your society would be interested in sharing your experience as an EA, I would need a draft the first week of October with a word count of 1,000 words.

Thanks for your time and looking forward to hearing from you.


Janelle Julien <jjulien@naea.org>