IRS urging certain groups of taxpayers to check payroll withholding

The IRS continues to urge taxpayers who haven’t yet done a “Paycheck Checkup” to do one as soon as possible to see if they’re having their employer withhold the right amount of tax after major changes in the tax law. The IRS Withholding Calculator can help taxpayers learn if they need to make changes soon to avoid an unwelcome surprise come tax time.

During the week of Aug. 13, the IRS is focusing on some groups of taxpayers who should especially check their withholding.

Please help us get the word out — the earlier people check and adjust their withholding, the more time there is for withholding to take place evenly during the rest of the year.

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Monday: Taxpayers who got a big refund in 2018 (news release, tax tip, drop-in)

Tuesday: Taxpayers with high income or complex return (news release, tax tip, drop-in)

Wednesday: Taxpayers who support dependents who can’t be claimed for the Child Tax Credit (news release, tax tip, drop-in)

Thursday: Taxpayers with children, other dependents (news release, tax tip, drop-in)

Friday: How to file a new Form W-4 (tax tip)

  • A new one-page flier. Publication 5303, Paycheck Checkup, is attached in English and Spanish. The flier is also on our Resources page.

 Pub 5303 Paycheck Checkup Pub 5303 Revisión de cheque de pago      

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