Helen O’Planick, EA – Speaker Bio and Course Descriptions

Helen O’Planick, EA has been taxing all of her life.  An Enrolled Agent since 1994, she is also a fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute.  She was a member of ETAAC and has appeared on the IRS program Tax Talk Today.  Past president of the Pennsylvania Society of Enrolled Agents, Helen is the chief cook and bottle washer at HELJAN Associates, LLC in Manchester, PA, going into her 28th year.  Married to James, they have two wonderful children and two amazing grandsons.  Helen enjoys sharing her knowledge in an interactive and fun way!  

Helen O’Planick, EA

Course Descriptions:

Monday, September 27, 2021 

     Session 1: Savings Bonds, outside the box – 2 CE.  Savings bonds are just not for college.  We explore other ways to use them and when the interest is no longer taxable.

    Session 2: Depreciate?  Bonus? Section 179? – 2 CE.  When should you do what and the lasting issues when you do or don’t.

    Session 3: How can we save our clients tax dollars? – 2 CE.  Ways to work with our clients to maximize their refunds using things like HSA, IRA, Simple, SEP and other brainstorms.

    Session 4: Form 3115 – 1 CE.  A roadmap to fixing depreciation.  Attendees will do the forms to keep in their files.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

    Sessions 1 and 2: Who is ready to move to the islands? – 4 CE.  What we will see from the IRS and our clients with the 2021 tax returns.  We will include EIPs, RRC, UC refunds, how to read a transcript and best practices.  We will also look at current tax law affecting our clients, including acts that have been passed.

    Session 3: Death and Taxes – 2 hours – When should we be using the 1040, the 1041 or the 706?  A comparison of these forms and some thoughts about where things should or must go!

    Session 4: Ethics – 2 CE  This class is written by your attendees.  On day one, I will ask for their ethical issues.  If there are not enough – I can always come up with some, but I want to talk about what your attendees want to talk about.  The class will be written on the night of day one.  The society will be given a copy of the PowerPoint to share with attendees.