IRS Communications Alert: June 2019 Withholding Outreach Campaign

This week, the IRS has communication to determine the proper amount withheld from employees and estimating accurate tax for the year. There are various links, social media, webinars, YouTube videos, Fact sheets, resources, and newsletters.  Let me know if you share with your members, employees, and others to assist with accurate withholding.  Information is attached above and also below with important information on withholding and estimating accurate tax for the year.            

The IRS continues to urge taxpayers to do a Paycheck Checkup as soon as possible to see if they’re having their employer withhold the right amount of tax. The IRS Withholding Calculator canhelp taxpayers check their current withholding, determine if they need to adjust it and avoid tax filing surprises next year.

 During the week of June 10, the IRS is focusing on helping taxpayers understand what actions they should take now – especially if their taxes turned out differently than they expected this year, and even if they adjusted their withholding last year. If their withholding won’t be enough, they can adjust it or make estimated tax payments to the IRS. The next payment deadline is coming soon: June 17.

 Please help us get the word out — the earlier people check and adjust their withholding, the more time there is for changes to take place evenly during the rest of the year.

 Information to share with your members, clients or employees through your website, emails, social media accounts, newsletters or other channels:

  • News releases, tax tips and drop-in articles: These products are attached to this message. They’ll also be posted in the Paycheck Checkup section of the Tax ReformResources page as they’re issued.
    • June 10
      • IRS continues campaign to encourage taxpayers to do a Paycheck Checkup; use Withholding Calculator to help get right amount for 2019 (news release)
      • Remember: All taxpayers should check their withholding ASAP (tax tip, drop-in)
    • June 11
      • IRS reminder: Get tax withholding right; do a Paycheck Checkup at least once every year (news release)
      • Here’s what taxpayers should know about doing a Paycheck Checkup (tax tip, drop-in)
    • June 12
      • IRS Withholding Calculator can help workers have right amount of tax withheld following tax law changes (news release)
      • There are two ways taxpayers can check their withholding on (tax tip, drop-in)
    • June 13
      • IRS reminds taxpayers to adjust tax withholding to pay the right tax amount (news release)
      • Taxpayers have options for paying the tax they owe throughout the year (tax tip, drop-in)
    • June 14
      • IRS reminder: Taxpayers can help determine the right amount of tax to withhold from their paychecks by doing a Paycheck Checkup now (news release)
  • Fact sheets: Learn the basics of withholding and estimated tax payments. The fact sheets attached to this message in English and Spanish are available on the Tax ReformResources page where they are also available in Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese and Russian.
    • FS-2019-4 – Tax withholding: How to get it right
    • FS-2019-6 – Basics of estimated taxes for individuals
  • Social media: Social media images and posts/tweets in English and Spanish are attached for use on your own social media accounts. You can also share #PaycheckCheckup info from the IRS Instagram account – IRSNews – and the IRS Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts:

·         @IRSnews – IRS news and tips for the public

·         @IRSsmallbiz – Information for small businesses – NEW!

·         @IRStaxpros – IRS information for tax professionals

·         @IRSenEspanol – IRS news and tips in Spanish

  • Paycheck Checkup: English | ASL
  • How to Use Withholding Calculator for Paycheck Checkup: English
  • IRS Withholding Calculator Tips: English | ASL
  • Do I Need to Fill Out a New W-4?: English | ASL

·         Other resources and general information:

·         Paycheck Checkup page on

·         Tax Reform Resources page

    • FAQs and additional drop-in articles

·         One-page flier: Paycheck Checkup (Pub. 5303), also attached here in English and Spanish

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Thank you for your continued partnership!

Alan Gregerson