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Here is an excerpt from an email regarding Secure Access Briefing for IRS E-services Users received from our Internal Revenue Service Senior Stakeholder Liaison, Alan J Gregerson

The IRS will host a technical briefing for registered e-Services users who will be required to register
through Secure Access authentication in order to continue access to the e-Services suite of tools. A
webinar was held on October 19.

Please, share this link only with e-Service users or your technology experts. For security reasons, please do not publicly post the link.
The IRS conducted a step-by-step review of the process to successfully pass Secure Access
authentication as well as review the exception process for those existing e-Services users unable to
complete identity proofing online. The IRS also will explain an option of generating a security code via an upcoming feature on the IRS2Go app, which will provide an additional way to get a security code for ongoing use. Remember, all e-Services users will be required to register through Secure Access as early as the end of October or later as the IRS moves to better protect this sensitive tool and to meet information security standards. For more information, see Important Update about Your e-Services Account and Secure Access: How to Register for Certain Online Self-Help Tools. Another helpful page for e-Services users is FAQs about e-Services and Secure Access.